Core Business

ELSTAR is specialized in the import and export of car components both for original equipment and for the aftermarket sector.

It boasts numerous suppliers, including the Brazilian Cofap of which it is the exclusive distributor for Italy in the suspension sector, Mahle Cofap Anéis for piston rings and many others.The ELSTAR and ROYAL brand products reach 25 countries around the world, especially North Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Currently, export accounts for 80% of the company's turnover.

From 2015 a section dedicated to advertising promotion was born under the OMAR ZU'MOT COMMUNICATION brand with which ELSTAR proposes itself in the advertising market by offering graphics, printing, personalization, webdeveloping, social media management services, video animation, marketing and advertising.


The Headquarter of ELSTAR is transferred to Imola (Bologna) and is led by the sole managing director Eng. Ghassan Zu'Mot.


ELSTAR was established in Piobesi (Turin) by Eng. Ghassan Zu'Mot together with other partners from the automotive sector.